War Thunder Golden Eagles Generator.epub ((BETTER))

War Thunder Golden Eagles Generator.epub ((BETTER))

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War Thunder Golden Eagles Generator.epub

who is the woman? waaaaaa! what woman? whore? did she say she’s an editor? who can tell these people that either? its probably just some 60 year old «scholarship» person, but that’s all they write these days. i don’t know who they are though. i might have a clue in 8 years. that’s how quickly they vanish from the internet.

jay? hi. thanks for catching that. no, i don’t think that’s it. i think something else has popped in there. i’m interested in one thing about this book. the woman said she can help..but it took her an hour and a half to get on the phone, and she wouldn’t tell me her name. i left the name of the publisher. she said she would return my call. she must be a big deal, because she’s been sitting on my phone for several hours now, and we’ve gotten nowhere. i could call back when she’s off the phone, but it’s saturday, so chances are she’s on her way out to dinner with her husband. so i’ve been hanging in there. i’m thinking she’s someone trying to rip me off by taking a bunch of money for this book, but maybe it’s legitimate. if it is legitimate, then she has to be someone pretty important – because she’s taking time away from her dinner. well, here’s the deal. if this woman is legitimately trying to help me, then she can do me a favor. she can do us both a favor. this book has sunk the few remaining businesspeople out there. so i know we could use your help. when we’re finished with it, do you want it? absolutely. if this is legit, then you can just hold onto the finished product. you can ship it as is, and do some cover price as well as as royalty, as i suppose you can negotiate for both. or if you want to run it for $0.50, we can work that out with you as well. i’ll send you the file, and if you want to have your agent look it over, i’m sure she would be glad to take it on. we’ll see.

that’s what she said. that was actually her entire answer. it took me half an hour to get on the phone, her entire answer was «if you’re not happy with the way it comes out, i can give you another $50.» really? «you’re not happy, i can give you another $50?» i don’t think so. it took me two phone calls to get her name. it was a woman, not a man. she was surprisingly mean-spirited when i reminded her i was listening to the radio. at the very end of the conversation, when i asked her, «is this a legitimate company?» she not only said «yes» but she said, «do you want to know about the name?» you guessed it: it’s a copyright troll. i can imagine what your reaction would be if one of your clients called you, and said he could give you $50 if you weren’t happy with the result. the difference here is that this woman didn’t do it on purpose. she wasn’t trying to scam me. she didn’t say anything about trying to scam me, she said she could give me another $50 if i wasn’t happy with the result.
a song in spanish or chinese, a few words of each, were spoken again to the crowd. then, a dizzying sight. as one, the room parted and a thousand crippled, rubber-legged, articulated animals in contrasting shades of yellow and flesh color walked out. at the head of the great line of wounded birds stood a sqirl. a flash of green in the menagerie.
how long would it take them all to die? a few years perhaps, a decade or so? the truth was he knew that out of this mix of aged and sick and injured birds there were no living pilots, no men to fly. some of the birds could fly, from time to time, but not well. usually they squealed from engine failure or in a moment of panic remembered theyd be hurt, and went to the ground. but for now the old birds of seven or eight or a dozen years could, if not fly, and navigate by the stars, and take off, and land, they could walk with crutches. they could be mounted on a flatcar or truck and taken to storage stations, and of course they would be taken to a retirement home or museum.


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