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Universal Automatic Currency Converter Download [Win/Mac]

Convert over 100 currencies from over 60 countries and save money and time on your daily tasks.

Easy to use:

✓ Search for any currency using the currency name or the ISO code.
✓ Convert currency easily to any other currency.
✓ In one click, convert any amount in any currency.
✓ Real-time and accurate values.
✓ Privacy – only the website visitor can know which currencies you convert.
✓ Easy to use – just install it and start converting!

* Supports nearly 100+ currencies from several dozens of countries, including all major and minor currencies such as Euro, Pound, Dollar, Yen, Won, Rupee, Won, Rupee, Rupee, Zloty, Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Palladium, Platinum, Palladium, platinum, Lithium, Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Palladium, Platinum, Palladium, Palladium, Palladium. It is very easy to search currency from more than 60 countries and more than 100 currencies by name or ISO code.

* Add currency (and switch automatically) to any website by pasting the link into the «Custom link» box.
* Integrates with several vendors such as Paypal, Amazon Payments, Etsy Payments, Ebay Payments, Google Checkout, Facebook Credits, Wish, Fox Itunes, and more and over 100 other services.
* Supports preset currencies and set your own currency.
* Available for both desktop and mobile!

* Easily get info about each currency from Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! News, Google Finance.
* Intuitive currency price graph.
* Pinch to Zoom and use arrow keys to move.
* Auto-updates with the latest conversion rates as soon as they are available from Yahoo! Finance or ForexFactory.

* Search by ISO code or country, and convert prices to any other currencies.
* Convert any currency to any other currency at the fastest speed.
* Convert amounts in any unit of currency.
* Convert amounts from any currency to any unit of currency.
* Browsing is safe and private, you will only know the URL of the original website, and not which currencies are converted.
* Easy to use, just install and start using.

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Universal Automatic Currency Converter License Code & Keygen Free Download [Win/Mac]

✓ Based on the most popular currency converter and powered by the Fixer.io API.
✓ Converts dollars, euros, pounds, and more, into currency tags or for you to input your own.
✓ Comes with more than 20 currencies to choose from.
✓ Extracts data from the websites of your choice so that prices are always accurate.
✓ Can be used to convert almost any website currency.
✓ From the beginning you have the option of setting a specific currency.
✓ Smart price formatting and automatic rounding for you to always get the exact value of your price.
✓ Beautifully designed user interface.
✓ Comes in three languages: English, German, French.
It may be a little tricky to get this extension to work on your site, but the effort you make in the end will be well rewarded.
Price: Free, yes we said Free
More info:
Chrome Web Store URL:
Click here if the link doesn’t work:

3 Oct

Book of Heroes – First Chapter

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published: 10 Oct 2014

What is the Aftermath of Being Achieved?

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• What kind of people we are and how we can be changed as we need to be.

Universal Automatic Currency Converter

Universal Automatic Currency Converter is a Chrome extension designed to make your life a bit simpler. It can perform conversions between an impressive number of currencies, and it offers a few other helpful features as well. If you don’t use Chrome, the extension is also available for Firefox.
Universal Automatic Currency Converter Pricing:
What’s New in this release:
– Implemented code on Fixer.io to send better tracking.
– Added order of our API keys.
– Fixed unit price from euro to dollar.
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Create a Master Schedule
See prices in any currency you prefer
Initially, the extension will convert all prices to euros; this might not be what you want, so go ahead and access the settings to customize it. You can choose from a large number of popular currencies, and even more are available if you provide a free Fixer.io API key.
All prices are converted as soon as the page is loaded, and the currency tag is displayed after the value. You can move it to the left if you prefer, but changing the setting is a bit confusing.
You can click the converted price to see the original value, but this sometimes leads to you having to follow the link to see the initial price.
Quite a few customization

What’s New in the Universal Automatic Currency Converter?

– Currency conversion & rounding
– Commonly used currencies supported
– Quick translation to selected currencies with a single click
– Price tag highlighting
– Cursor in the tag
– Customizable tag string
– Selecting thousands separator
– Showing prices in both decimal and standard notation
– Always shows the amount instead of a currency symbol
– Integrated with Google Translate
– Good support
– Can even interpret prices in languages other than your own
Universal Automatic Currency Converter is available for both Chrome and Firefox, but the extension is also free, so it is well worth trying out. There is also a version for iOS devices that works perfectly if you don’t use Chrome or Firefox, but you will need to download the app first.

November 23, 2016

WhatsApp Web 3.0 for mobile released
Have a look at WhatsApp Web 3.0
Key Features
– Available for almost all major browsers and mobile OS
– Easily share photos and videos via Whatsapp or Messenger
– More secure than the regular WhatsApp app thanks to ‘Whisper Secret’
– Designed for desktops and mobiles
– Runs on both Android and iOS devices
– Available free for most of the users
The WhatsApp Web browser is better than desktop and mobile WhatsApp app in many aspects, such as UI and features. The official WhatsApp Web browser has been announced to be launched for desktop and mobile platforms, which will bring the WhatsApp chat service across desktop as well as mobile devices via an extension for Chrome.
For the users who are on Chrome (desktop) and Safari (iPhone/iPad) devices, WhatsApp Web 3.0 is available in the App Store and Play Store now.
WhatsApp Web
The extension comes with so many cool features as below:
– Provides a pretty UI with which to browse WhatsApp chat history
– Allows you to share photos and videos via WhatsApp or Messenger
– Runs on both Android and iOS devices
– Available for both macOS and Windows desktop
– No need to install the WhatsApp Web app for the first time
– Easily access to ‘Whisper Secret’ for more secure chats
– View your Status, Chat History and Group Chats
– Available for about all major browsers
– Learn more about WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp Web is currently available for Chrome (desktop), Opera (desktop) and Safari (iOS). It is also available for mobile platforms for iOS and Android. The extension can be downloaded for Mac/Windows from


System Requirements For Universal Automatic Currency Converter:

OS: MacOS 10.8.5 or later
Processor: Dual-core Intel Mac, 2.8 GHz or faster
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 16 GB
Storage: 2 GB free space
Videos: 800 MB
Additional Notes: The game requires a database file «S.HLV_Multi_Uni1_4.7z». You can download it from here
A video is available here to show a short gameplay.


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