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Sometimes you can’t avoid using Photoshop. You can use another program, but you may need to convert your image into a format that Photoshop accepts. JPEG (TIFF, other RAW formats) work best. If your image is in a RAW format (most are), Photoshop won’t recognize the image; however, many free programs can convert the RAW format into another format to work with Photoshop. Because Photoshop does such a good job of converting formats, this process isn’t often done. We describe converting between RAW formats in the next section.

Photoshop also offers many plug-ins that enhance your results (see Figure 3-3). In a word, Photoshop offers the most selection of features and functions than any other tool, and it can be used to create stunning images. In addition, it has a huge plugin base that enables you to connect Photoshop to other applications. Plug-ins are discussed in depth in Chapter 14.

Photoshop is a wonderful program that offers so much functionality, it’s often hard to think about how to use Photoshop effectively. With Photoshop, you can change and create an unlimited number of images, and you have many options for what to do with that image and how to fix it. You can use many tools and techniques to create a final image. As a result, many people end up with a huge collection of images that they may never use.

To make the most of Photoshop, you need to organize your work. Many people keep files for a project in separate folders on their computers. However, this approach can clutter your hard drive with file names with cryptic and even nonsensical characters. Some programs automatically organize your files according to the date they were created; this helps you find the right file when looking for one. Photoshop files can be organized in a similar fashion. To do so, you can use a computer program that allows you to rename your files and folders. The programs we discuss in this section use the same organization methods as Adobe Photoshop, and they’re easy to use with this program.

**Figure 3-3:** Downloading and installing Photoshop requires Adobe.

Photoshop also can export images to a variety of programs such as Corel PhotoPaint, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat. You can export to a variety of output formats, including Mac OS X’s image formats (like.PNG and.TIFF), PDF, and Portable Document Format (PDF). As shown in Figure 3-4, Adobe’s final output format is.PSD, and

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This page provides information on how to edit, view, and print images in Photoshop Elements.

Open an image

To open an image, click on the file, drag it into the program, or press the Open button at the bottom of the program. All images in this book start with the default Adobe page size and pixel resolution. The current settings are shown in the title bar and an image can be saved to a file, printed, or exported as a JPEG.

Use the Image Controls

The Image Controls are used to change the image or rotate it. To display the tool, click the eye at the bottom right of the viewport. The image can be rotated by dragging the mouse and then scrolling with the arrow keys or clicking and dragging with the mouse to rotate the image.

View and zoom the image

To view the image, click the Zoom slider at the bottom of the Image Controls. Scroll the slider or use the +/- buttons to zoom in and out.

Use the rulers

The top and bottom rulers show the current dimensions of the image. The left and right rulers show the current image dimensions. These rulers can be hidden by clicking the eye in the top right of the Image Controls.

There are three types of rulers:

Horizontal: The horizontal ruler shows the current width of the image.

Vertical: The vertical ruler shows the current height of the image.

Fit to: The rulers can be moved to the right and left edge of the image to make sure the image fits the entire page.

Use selection tools

There are two selection tools available. Clicking the selection tool appears to be a plus or minus sign and selecting the crosshair does nothing. Clicking the crosshair opens a selection tool as shown in the figure below.

Click the D key to deselect. Click the crosshair to open the selection tool. The selection tool can be used for drawing or to copy objects, or move objects. To select an object, use the crosshair or the mouse to click and drag over the object. Click the selection button (circle) to open the selection window. Use the handles to drag the selection to select objects. To delete the selection, click on the garbage can icon.

To resize the image, drag one of the handles. To select the entire image, drag the selection handle to the edge of the image window.

Once the image has been selected, you can press the Enter

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