Online Dating Sites For Big People

oprah just launched a new feature for her fans, called trueluv that matches you with someone who shares your interests. in other words, youre a psychology major, youll have to match with someone who loves psychology just as much as you. its a dating app that has featured on entertainment tonight and mtv. love island regulars abbie and danny called it their favourite hookup app

having an online dating profile on okcupid means you have a chance with every person who views it, but your inbox is also likely to get flooded with messages every day. there are a lot of people looking for a serious relationship, so okcupid helps you weed out people who aren’t just using the site as an app to make friends or hook up with casual partners. okcupid also lets you filter potential matches based on certain things that are important to you, like ethnicity, religion and political views.

red, a u.k.-based dating app, is a little different than the ones you’ve seen before. unlike the apps and websites that focus on building a community of users, red is for people who are looking for a serious relationship. for those people, it allows you to share your age and sexual orientation and for users to see your preferences. it also has a large queer, bi and poly community. and one cool feature: if a match you find is interested, their profile will show up on your profile, so you’ll get a chance to meet them without having to send them a direct message.

yes, hookup at home is for people who are willing to have an irl hookup (sounds dirty, i know). but because it’s an app specifically designed to help people in their 20s have casual hookups, it works for people with a little more time on their hands too. and you don’t need to be logged into your facebook to use the app, so even if you don’t have access to your personal information, you can still hook up with new people.

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