{LEE A Little Dash Of The Brush Russianbare} __EXCLUSIVE__

{LEE A Little Dash Of The Brush Russianbare} __EXCLUSIVE__



{LEE A Little Dash Of The Brush Russianbare}

If you would like to see more on Islam then you must visit Muslim understanding. The book features an introduction written by one of the senior figures in the community, Amina Wadud, an explanation of the basic five pillars of Islam, clear explanations on the faith, and revealing encounters with key Muslim figures. Each page is an original and fascinating account of how a particular aspect of life in the Muslim world is reflected in the Quran and in Islamic art and architecture, from the history of Quranic interpretation to the role of women in Islam.

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About the Author: Lee A. Andrews is Senior Research Professor of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

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In the first edition of The Norton Anthology of English Literature (Norton HIST WON 98), Tim Kendall was the first editor of the anthology to include historical fiction of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in his entries. In the future he will list only one representative text of such and stand its author up against all of the critical consciousness of the time. Taking his cue from Todgers, the title for the second edition of The Norton Anthology will be The Norton Anthology of Distinguished Fantasy and Science Fiction, where the word «distinguished» signifies largely the quality of the genre as opposed to the quantity of the work included.

The emphasis in the current volume will be even more historical, and the fate of a great figure in the history of the genre, both good and bad, will be adjudicated according to the critical standards of the present day. Of course, the process of determining what qualifies as «distinguished» is open to doubt, since it has all been written and edited by the present editor, and he (or she) is alone responsible for the judgments expressed therein.

Lee A. Andrews is Senior Research Professor of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

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fofo world.blogspot.com/ {LEE A Little Dash of the Brush russianbare}Q:

No bonus to damage of a critical hit from a monk, but how is it possible?

If I have a Monk with «School of Fire» and I hit a golden dragon, with a critical chance, it will deal 76 damage. Now, I have taken a swift action. Does that mean that even though I took the swift action, there is no bonus to my damage?
In this specific situation, the dragon is a bonus action, but I do not mind if it’s a swift action. I just want a concise way to determine when a critical hit bonus can be added.


A critical hit will gain a bonus to damage from your School of Fire, regardless of what you choose to do.
If you’re at disadvantage for anything other than an attack roll, you may add the school’s bonus damage to the damage of the attack.
From DMG p. 213:

A critical hit with a melee or energy attack adds 1d10 damage to the attack’s damage roll.

Note that there are a couple of exceptions where you may not gain damage from a critical hit if you’re taking an action on your turn.

A critical hit with a melee or energy attack does not add 1d10 damage if the attack is made with disadvantage.

In your case, you did take an action on your turn when you used a swift action, thus you gained advantage from your enemy, which means you may add your School of Fire’s damage to the critical hit.

If you would roll a critical hit but have disadvantage on the attack roll, the DM determines if the additional damage actually applies.


A critical hit with a melee or energy attack adds 1d10 damage to the attack’s damage roll.

Jeremy Crawford on twitter has confirmed that there is no restriction on this.

Attacks with a critical hit have no limit on the number of times they can be rolled.

Although the extra damage gained from a critical hit is only gained from being at a (max +5) or a character at disadvantage

If an enemy is at disadvantage when you hit with a weapon attack, you have advantage on the attack roll. (PHB p.195)

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