Huawei Firmware Hg658b Checked ➝

Huawei Firmware Hg658b Checked ➝



Huawei Firmware Hg658b Checked

Look into the router interface and find the firmware version. It must be displayed in a conspicuous place. Step 3: Determine the latest firmware version available. To do this, you need to go to the web interface of the router using the default login and password, and find the line «Firmware». It will show the current firmware version. Step 4. Download the downloaded file with built-in firmware to a USB flash drive and copy it to the root folder. Step 5: Reboot your router. This time you will have to turn it off, wait a couple of minutes and turn it on. If there is an Internet connection, then the router should automatically start. If not, find the «Internet» tab in the router’s interface.


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