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Features Key:

  • Customize your gym! Choose up to 9 different attributes from 90 different upgrades that will add to your gym’s strength and appearance!
  • Lay turf for even more consistent footpaths
  • Hire more legends! Acquire new legends and select them in your quest to collect them all. Five new legends have been added, giving you ten different legends in total!
  • Just like regular ego brawls, you will have dog tags, customized dog tag sets, traded titles, trophies, and much more! You can even trade up for special gold dog tags, and trade up on trophies to receive a unique decoration for your gym, as well as new rewards!
  • Customize your venue! You can add decorations such as advertisements, calculators, benches, ticket counters, meeting rooms, and much more!
  • Utilize performances to help build your business even faster!
  • Expand your customers for even more revenue! Try adding cages, beanbags, volleyball nets, shuffleboards, full length mirrors, or whatever else you think will attract new customers. You will need a little more than meets the eye for this though – to maximize your revenue, you need a lot of new customers.
  • This is a 2D game – congrats, it is totally AWESOME!
  • Gym Tycoon Game Screenshots:

    Gym Tycoon Free [Mac/Win]

    CODE: A

    Where: It’s your dream to have a world-class fitness centre. Help your customer’s workouts and make money with them. But don’t forget, one of the most important things is the customer satisfaction. Don’t let them give negative feedback. Keep an eye on them when they’re working out.Can you manage your training gym in your dreams? Make your fitness centre a world-famous one! This is your chance to show off!Build the best gym you’ve ever seen on your smartphone! Train your customers and show them what it’s like to sweat it out with you. Turn your customers into fans by giving them a free relaxing session.Win popular competitions and unlock new customer types.Expand your gym building with better equipment and furniture.Train, hire and manage the best staff to increase the level of your customer’s service.Your customers are waiting for you!Download Game «Gym Tycoon» now!

    Your BEST GYM in 5 Easy steps:

    1. Before downloading this game, please try to login to your club account which you can found in the login menu. If you cannot find your club account please verify that you are logged in with the same email and password when you created your account.
    2. Please check your permission to install this game.
    3. If you cannot download the game, check that it does not have prohibited items. Please see More Information.
    4. Check that your downloaded game is a legitimate copy.
    5. Press «I Accept» when the installation is complete to play the game. This will be Game «Gym Tycoon».

    We can send you the game in following email, you can login to your club account in login menu and download Game «Gym Tycoon» to your club account.

    Gym Tycoon! Build & manage your own gym. Start small and work your way up. Evolve your business into a unique world-renowned gym capable of training prize-winning customers!FeaturesDesign your own unique gym using the powerful construction tools!Furnish your gym using a wide variety of upgradable training equipment.Attract, train & turn your customers into true fans. Each customer is unique & you’re in control.Coming SoonColour your gym furniture.Unlock more furniture and skills with experience points.Train prize-winning customers to compete in prestigious competitions! Hire & manage staff, keep them satisfied and level up your gym!
    Game «Gym Tycoon» Gameplay:


    Gym Tycoon Crack + [March-2022]

    Game description

    The popularity of personal trainers is skyrocketing, and they are earning more than ever. How long can you last? How much can you earn?

    Become a personal trainer and build the best gym in the world!Train your customers to become loyal fans of your gym and win international competitions!Take care of your customers and watch them evolve into new kinds of sports stars!

    Take control of your own personal gym, design your own environment and train your customers to win top prizes.Gym Tycoon is full of challenges and fun for everyone, both adults and kids!

    Develop, Design & Manage Your Own GymYou want to build a gym that can be loved by everyone? From the inside out, the environment around you, to the names of the trainers and the types of customers you attract – this is your domain!

    Gym Tycoon features a variety of equipment that you can use to expand and enhance your gym.Each piece of equipment is fully customizable and upgradable using Experience Points. With each level-up, you’ll unlock more items to equip your gym.

    The Gym Tycoon game allows you to design and manage your own unique gym. You can add walls, fixtures, and any other feature to your gym!You can also customize the look of your gym using the dynamic and customizable content system.

    Train to win!Each customer in your gym has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can train them to have specific attributes. That means you can tailor your gym to your needs. Each customer has its own appearance, personality, and skills, and you can focus on these to improve their potential.

    Train your customers to win top prizes in international competitions!The more you train your customers, the more potential they have to be amazing athletes! You’ll be able to level up your customers and get them to be elite sports stars!

    Earn RewardsBy maintaining your customers and winning competitions, you’ll gain Experience Points. Earn enough Experience Points to level up!The higher you level up, the more points you’ll earn for each customer.

    Train new custom trainers that can be equipped to train customers. Be creative in the trainers you can hire to help your customers!Train your new custom trainers, and watch them help your customers get stronger!

    Play with Friends & Other PlayersYou can also take part in Game Center multiplayer, challenge other players to take part in top competitions, and see who will become the world’


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