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The Elden Ring Cracked Accounts game is a fantasy action RPG for online multiplayer developed by Heliatec.
• The Lore-driven Online Action RPG
Set in a world where divine and demonic powers collide with no clear winner. The conflict begins as a grand battle that threatens to tear the world apart. The player takes control of one of the factions in the war and becomes a hero to the people.

The Online multiplayer lets you not only fight together, but also cooperate. Connect to other players, communicate, and coordinate actions.
• A Vast Open World for Fantasy Action
Explore the world freely and interact with other people. Villages, towns, and villages are all connected and seamlessly linked. Towns and missions have a variety of different objectives and conditions.

The game also features many complicated dungeons, towns, and castles. There are also large scale battles and battles with a variety of characters and monsters.
• An Epic Drama with Multifaceted Character Development
An action story where the characters have a multifaceted and deep relationship with other characters and quests. They struggle to obtain success and strengthen their characters with the help of others.

Weapons, armor, and magic can be freely combined, allowing you to create your own play style.
• Online Multiplayer
Fight together, cooperate with others, and connect with others.


Please press START to play.

* This game is free to play. * However, if you want to purchase additional content, you will be charged. We strongly suggest that you purchase the necessary content.

Press START to start the game.

* The following three buttons can be used to navigate the screen. * R – right. * L – left. * C – center.

Press START + R to move right.

Press START + L to move left.

Press START + C to move to the center.

Press START + UP to toggle the gamepad.

Press START + DOWN to toggle the controller vibration.

Press START + LEFT to toggle the World Map.

Press START + RIGHT to toggle the Movement Settings.

Press START + D-pad UP to toggle the item menu.

Press START + D-pad DOWN to toggle the character menu.

Press START + L to toggle the Menu Items.

Press START + X to open the Character Select Screen.

Press START + Y to close the Character Select Screen.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Adventure Fantasy RPG: A dark fantasy RPG with character development and progression.
  • Elements of Fantasy
  • Play is integrated with anime illustrations
  • Asynchronous online play
  • Multiplayer battles
  • Customization
  • An epic drama story which can only be seen through the fragmented imagery.
  • Elden Ring comes with both English and Japanese audio.
    The physical version of the game comes bundled with a bonus filled with a host of content, including in-game screenshots, artist-drawn character illustrations, and a story introduction script by the game’s scenario writer.
    In addition, the Japanese version of the character art book is integrated into the game as well.
    Who knows? You may even obtain a shiny golden sword in the game!”

    ]]>Japan is home to some great characters.
    Their challenge is finding a way to adapt to the crazy, claustrophobic, and sometimes downright spooky world.
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    Can our protagonist survive this new terrifyingly fun world she has found herself in?


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    • GameNewsNetwork – “Readers should have a decent understanding of RPG fundamentals before diving into Elden Ring, as it is a very different game from the vast majority of the RPG genre out there. The title’s real strength is its distinctive 3-D battle and dungeon design. The key aspect of the game’s fighting is similar to a fighter with the added power of a strong control system.”

    • GDBGames.com – “Elden Ring is a hybrid of a fighter and an RPG, with an emphasis on the RPG elements…. It’s a unique game that puts skill and reflexes to the test with a type of combat unlike the rest. The player controls the fighter and the enemies that come at him from all angles, and his job is to simply beat everything that comes his way…. A unique fighter that is trying to achieve some sort of balance between a fighter, an RPG and a beat ‘em up.”

    • 1up.com – “The standard Action/RPG formula of bashing monsters and solving puzzles is enriched by an impressive 3-D presentation and an interesting combat system…. The one problem is the lack of content in the free version, which is a year old now. In a free game, this should be addressed.”

    • GameSpot – “Elden Ring isn’t a 3-D fighting game like Street Fighter or SoulCalibur, but it’s definitely a worthwhile title that I can’t recommend to anyone who isn’t already invested in the genre. If you enjoy fighting games and enjoy RPG elements, you should take a good look at the title.”

    • SuperPSX – “The game’s basic premise is pretty simple: you move around a 3D battlefield and fight enemies as you go. This can be anything from old-school RPG battles to fast-paced fighting sequences…. The game’s main issues are depth and diversity… Despite the minuscule amount of content and a 3-D view, you can find this game to be an enjoyable experience.”

    • GameSpy – “What do you get when you combine a first-person fighting game with the deep adventure game elements of the role-playing game? You get the combat and RPG mechanics of the greatest fighting game to date on top of the storyline and emotional depth of the most popular role-playing games…. There is nothing fundamentally new about combat mechanics, but


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    For more information about Elden Ring, please visit www.blizzard.com/eldenring


    Important :

    Launch of the game and first access of the Prototype Accelerator Pack requires a launch purchase of $19.99 USD.

    The release of the Prototype Accelerator Pack will be announced in advance, so this will be the first time you will receive more information about the launch and it will not be included in the purchase.


    Purchase of the Standard Edition includes access to the game, the Elder Scroll Online Expansion Pack, and the Remnants of Crota DLC, in addition to the Prototyped Pack for one month of access.

    Elder Scroll Online Expansion Pack:

    The Elder Scroll Online Expansion Pack is a new expansion that continues the epic story of the Lands Between. It includes the largest existing world for the game and introduces a new character, Solus, and a new zone, Port Kharun.

    Remnants of Crota:

    This DLC features three new bosses and five new zones from the world of the Elder Scrolls.

    This DLC is included in the Standard Edition, but not in the Prototype Accelerator Pack.

    * Known Issues

    The action RPG game can be played at up to 2 players, but there are some situations that only one player can experience.

    • Free Switching between Players

    Players can freely switch between players on their desktop or mobile device without having to re-launch the game.

    • Monsters and NPCs Do Not Enter the Friends List

    Because a separate session is being played when switching players, Monster and NPC dialogue cannot be selected when they’re launched.

    • In-Game Chat Not Working

    When a second player plays a separate session and enters the game using their account, in-game chat is not enabled. However, the name of the other player is reflected on your friend’s profile.

    • Access Time to a Death Penalty

    When the second player is acccessing their account, time to acces a death penalty for the first player will be delayed.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    The position and rank of an Elden Lord are on the scale of ten, the most prestigious being numbered ten and the least prestigious being numbered 1. However, any level that the player reaches, they can become an Elden Lord. The player will be transported to an online server in order to raise their rank, and once they reach the desired rank, the player will be rewarded accordingly:



    Rank No.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Display: HD1080 or higher
    System: 64-bit Intel Core i3 or higher
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Graphics: HD750 or higher
    DirectX Version: 10
    DirectX Shader Model: 4.0
    Storage: 200 GB available space
    System: 64-bit Intel Core i5 or higher
    Graphics: HD



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