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Anime Arena: Infinite War is a unique action RPG with survival elements.
You have been recruited by the largest RPG company in history to go to an unexplored island. However, it has become a place of tragedy as the mysterious infection that is sweeping the land is about to consume you. Your only chance of survival is to use your skills to defeat hordes of enemies and take revenge on everyone who has helped to bring you to this place.
Your gameplay is split across 2 areas; the run and gun one you know and love from most action games and the newly released Anime styled arena mode.
The game will feature full voice acting but if you want to skip the cutscenes you can. However, your choices will have an impact on your character’s personality.
The anime themed arena mode is a completely new take on RPGs. You have been recruited to go on a quest to kill all the small bosses and you must first arm yourself with weapons and fight your way to the boss.
You have an infinite amount of time to defeat these creatures but this also means that you must never stop playing to be effective. You can be attacked at any time and you must stay strong. It’s very important to attack more than once, this will increase your health and decrease the enemies health so you have a chance to kill them.
All the small bosses in the game have their own difference effects on how you play. They also affect how your character looks. That’s why it’s important to defeat them as quickly as you can!
By defeating bosses you will gain experience and money. With experience you can buy upgrades to improve your character and your weapon. You can also buy items that affect your ability. However, don’t let the game cost you too much as your ability can only handle so much.
Prepare yourself for hordes of zombies and an interesting RPG adventure!
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Features Key:

  • This is 3D maker story, You can control your character freely and give him new personality
  • Use body language and facial expression to interact with other character, and make them laugh or cry. You can send stength and attack your enemy too.
  • You can customize colors to red,blue,brown,and black by choosing a type from several color palette.
  • Some magic number appear after you finish 20 level, power up your character and make them more strong.
  • This game is designed to enjoy of the whole household, is suitable for any parent or teachers.
  • Well-designed user interface is easy to use.
  • Use your mouse to control the character.
  • There is some puzzle, you need to click the objects and assemble the mechanism to solve the puzzle.
  • You can understand the meaning of different some words.
  • It is very funny.

Game play details


  • 20 levels
  • From Parent Appear


  • Its is story as a author
  • Japan made First World War, And making a soldier can protect earth from the war.
  • A girl Yuki, She like to design and become a soldier


  • Yuki is the hero, He has a dream to become a soldier
  • Some people want to control their dreams, I want make Yuki’s dream come true.
  • Mysterious man Lacrosse
  • Impossible woman Sakura
  • Prince of the nation
  • A Traditional couple
  • Oolong the elders


Apokalypsis Activation Key Download PC/Windows

In this game, there is only one place to go, and that is the Mines.
While walking, you will always check the surroundings, so you can collect certain items or weapons if necessary. If you are successful, you can get some things back:
–a blue bull;
–a strikeer, which can be used like a strikeer, or a hammer;
–a seeker, which can be used like a seeker, or a spear;
–a hunter’s hat, which can be used like a hunter’s hat, or a helmet;
–some coins;
–an axe, which can be used like an axe, or a pickaxe;
–a spade, which can be used like a spade, or a shovel;
–some coins;
–a whistle;
–some coins;
–a bag;
–a hand-held missile weapon, which can be used like a hand-held missile weapon, or a grenade launcher;
–a rod;
–a lantern;
–a jester’s mask, which can be used like a jester’s mask, or a helmet;
–a bottle, which can be used like a bottle, or a helmet;
–a chest, which can be used like a chest, or a shield;
–a machine gun, which can be used like a machine gun, or a machine gun;
–a grenade;
–a knife, which can be used like a knife, or a pickaxe;
–a stones, which can be used like a stones, or a pickaxe;
–a bomb, which can be used like a bomb, or a helmet;
–some coins;
–a mine;
–some coins;
–a revolver, which can be used like a revolver, or a pistol;
–a train, which can be used like a train, or a locomotive.
While fighting enemies, you can get some things back:
–a charge;
–a special weapon, which can be used like a special weapon, or a laser;
–a rocket launcher, which can be used like a rocket launcher, or a rocket launcher;
–a special grenade, which can be used like a special grenade, or a grenade;
–a hand-


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